Dillin’s Store, Radnor


Object ID#    1995.0049                

Object Name     Photograph



304 King of Prussia Road, Radnor View of men and young boys standing in front of "the Old Store" at Radnor.

Dillin Store ("The Old Store") at Radnor. Gift of E.P. Fronefield 1968. Artist's stamp: L.A. Sampson, Photographic Artist, Berwyn, Pa. Names were identified by Roy Yocum (included in photo), nephew of Mr & Mrs Oscar Dillin, who was brought up in the Dillin Store, in the “Your Town & My Town” column of July 30, 1954: Front row left to right: Tryon Lewis of Ithan(next to horse & buggy), Roy Yocum (boy), J.Y.N. Dillon (Oscar’s bro.), Peter Pechin (with cane).