The project is only beginning.

Most people who run, bike, and walk on the Radnor Trail don't realize that electric trolleys, part of a railroad leading to 69th Street Terminal, once followed the same path. Today, bridges, supports that once elevated stations, and an amazingly intact substation building are all that's left of what once was the "Strafford Branch" of the Philadelphia and Western Railway.

The Railway was an important part of life in Wayne and Radnor for fifty years. After the trains stopped running, it sat vacant for almost as much time. Now that the right-of-way is in active use once again, it's only appropriate that the story of the P&W be told to the Trail's new generation of travelers.

The Radnor Historical Society has been working with Radnor Township's Department of Parks and Recreation and the Radnor Conservancy to create interpretive signs along the trail. The signs have been planned for important locations, including sites of former railroad stations. It is a unique opportunity to approach history: to have photographs of the sites directly in front of the actual historic sites.

So far four signs have been installed on the Trail, the latest having arrived in Spring, 2011. We are aiming to design and install about six more, but we cannot reach this goal without public support.

The locations of future signs.

The signs are made from the best materials and finishes available. The graphic panel is made of porcelain enamel, the very best material for this purpose. Even in outdoor use, porcelain can hold its color and stand the test of time for decades (as an example, the enameled "L.K. Burket" sign on Pennsylvania Avenue in North Wayne dates back to the early part of the 20th Century, and looks remarkable considering its age).

The first two signs were funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, as well as donations from the Radnor Historical Society, the Friends of Radnor Trails and Radnor Township. The second phase was made possible mostly by personal donations. We need you, the community, to help us make possible the next phase of signs. All donations are tax-deductable. You may give donations in your name or on behalf of your business, and to show our thanks, we will put your name on one of the signs. If you know somebody who is a railroad fan, giving a contribution in their name is a great gift idea. There are three donor levels:

Name on sign (large) Name on sign (small) Name on website
Platinum - $1000
Gold - $500
Silver - up to $499

Please send all contributions to the Radnor Historical Society or the Radnor Conservancy at either of the following addresses.

Radnor Historical Society
113 West Beech Tree Lane
Wayne, PA 19087
Radnor Conservancy
P.O. Box 48
Wayne, PA 19087

Please make a note that your contribution should go to the Trail fund. Also, please tell us what name to use in recognition of your contribution (a business name can be used), and your phone number.

If you have any quesitons, please write to

Again, this project isn't possible without your support. Thank you!

Photos of the two existing Trail signs (click to enlarge)

Photos by Greg Prichard
Signs are designed by Cloud Gehshan Associates
Special thanks to the Radnor Conservancy

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