Littlefield Farm


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Black and white photo of the exterior of the home at Littlefield Farm. Printed above the picture -- House of Edwin L. Blabon, Esq;, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Printed below the photo -- Messrs. Duhring, Okie & Ziegler, Architects. At the top right hand corner is the floor plan diagram of the second floor, and the bottom left hand corner shows the diagram of the first floor plan.

Original owner -- Edwin L. Blabon, b. 1874, d. 1934. Married Edith G.. Durban in 1893. Edwin -- president Geo. W. Blabon Co. Subsequent owners -- Edith G. Durban Blabon, then Geo. W. Blabon II. Plot size -- 24 acres. Original architect Duhring, Okie & Ziegler in 1912. House is extant. In 1999, made into a 2 family home.