Historic Newspapers

By far the most detailed records of life in any town are found in the archives of its newspapers. Throughout the years of its existence the Radnor Historical Society’s collection has accumulated a number of important newspapers that were based in Wayne during its formative years. Over time these small papers closed, merged to create larger papers, and were largely forgotten. We are proud to make these digitized copies of historic Wayne newspapers – the only copies belived to be in existence – available online to read and search through.

We will continue to add more newspapers to this online collection as they are scanned. We owe many thanks to Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library for scanning these historic newspapers and hosting them within their extensive online archive, much of which documents many other aspects of local history.

All newspapers have been scanned using OCR technology, making the text searchable via the Falvey Memorial Library’s online archive search.


Wayne Weekly Gazette

Newspaper - Weekly Wayne GazetteAugust 5, 1871 –  October 5, 1872
46 Issues Available

The Gazette was published during the formative years of “Louella,” J. Henry Askin’s fledgeling suburban community. Askin had a town hall, Lyceum, and Presbyterian Church built in the few short years of Louella’s existence prior to the Depression of 1873. The accounts of life in Louella/Wayne during these years are a priceless record documenting the earliest years of the town’s existence.

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The Wayne Signal

Newspaper - Wayne SignalApril 1888 – January 1889
10 Issues Available (Some Incomplete)

Published by the Wayne Presbyterian Church

The Signal was published during a time when the development of Wayne was progressing rapidly. Though published by the church and focused heavily on religious topics, the engravings, articles, and especially advertisements give a unique insight into the changes the town was then experiencing.

View and Search This Newspaper on the Falvey Memorial Library’s website