Interior, Chestnutwold Farm


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Photo of the dining room at the home at Chestnutwold Farm. Seen are two tables with seating for 4 each, a fireplace, china cabinet, pictures on the walls, fireplace screen and other furnishings.

Handwritten on the rear: "Clark -- Dng / 143-i." Information found on the Main Line Estate Datasheet: " Estate Name 'Chestnutwold Farm' a.k.a. 'Three Acres' / Street West Wayne Avenue / Village or Town 'Devon' / Original Owner C.Howard Clark -- Partner Clark & Co. 1884-- Source 1913 / Subsequent Owner Dorothy E. Cadwalader Source Brom Source 1916 / Eliz Geist Ely Source F.S. Source 1948 / F.S. 1961." "Plot Size 53 3/4 acr. Source Mueller Date 1913 / Original Architect Char Barton Keen / Date 1910-13 / Alts./adns Architect-Date CBK - 1911-stable." There are 1 drawing, 4 exterior photos, 3 interior photos, and 1 plan in this set.