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Front view of the house at Car-Alan with a view of the stable in the background. Photo shows light snow on the ground.

Handwritten on the rear: "Alan Reed RDW-03A / 57." For further information see the notes under 2006,010,016. Information recorded on the Main Line Estate Datasheet accompanying all the photographs of "Car-Alan": "Location Code RDW-03 / Estate Name 'Car-Alan' / Street Conestoga Road & Pembroke Avenue or Louella Avenue & Summit / Village or Town Wayne / Original Owner Alan Reed / Owner's Profession Jacob Reeds Sons, Menswear, Retailing / Subsequent Owner Mrs. S. Hamill Horne Source Mue '13 Source Brm '26."" "Plot Size 10 1/3 ac Source Mueller Date 1913 / Plot Size 4 ac Source Smith Date 1900 / Original Architect William L. Price / Date 1898 / Alts./Adns Architect-Date Price 1899 - Stable / Status: Extant." There are 4 Photographs of the house and 1 photograph of the stable. Owner (less Barn) 2006 Dr. DiPalma