Barclay Farm


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Black and white photo of a stone house found on Barclay Farm. A low stone wall is around it. A porch with benches is at an entrance door.

Original owner: George H. McFadden, cotton broker and merchant who died in 1927 at age 80. Subsequent owners: Barclay McFadden, died in 1929; University of PA., 1913, and then Agnes Irwin School, but originally Sorrel Horse Inn. Built in 1769. Original architect -- farmhouse/inn. Alterations: Hewitt & Hewitt (1892-3), R. Brognard Okie, 1928, and outbuildings by Brockie & Hastings in 1911. Purchased by McFadden in 1892 from Alex. Kirk, approximately 146 acres south of Old Lancaster Road.