Ardrossan Interior View


Object ID#    2006.010.159                

Object Name     Copy Print



A close-up photograph of one of the walls in one of the rooms at Ardrossan. A large portrait of a woman (Mary Binney Montgomery [1907-1995], as painted in 1930 by Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta) is on the wall above a sofa. A table with a lamp and a vase with tulips is in the left foreground. A door leading, perhaps, to an enclosed porch is to the right rear.

Handwritten on the rear: "152." For further information, see the notes for 2006.010.151. MAIN LINE ESTATE DATASHEET: "Location Code RD1-03 / Estate Name 'Ardrossan' / Street Newtown Road / Village or Town Ithan / Original Owner Robert L. Montgomery / Owner's Profession Lawyer & Broker: Janney Montgomery Scott / Subsequent Owner Edgar M. Scott / Plot Size 309 acs. source Mueller Date 1913 / 743 acs. Source Brown Date 1926 / Original Architect Horace Trumbauer / Date 1912 / Alts./Adns Architect-Date H.T. - 1929 / Status: Extant / Illustrations: Ext Photos 4 Int Photos 7 Plans 2 / Notes/Comments: Trybri Lewis 207 acs (1900)."