Men Sitting in Automobile

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Object ID#    RHS-misc18-10; 1995.0035 (print)                

Object Name     Negative



4 men sitting in automobile -- 2 in front, 2 in back.

From a visitor to this site: Thanks for passing this on. I went onto the site and clicked on the old photos. The very first one was titled “4 men in an automobile”. I clicked on it and was surprised to see my grandfather, Anthony Falcone driving. He was the caretaker at Walton Estate for many years until he retired in 1946. The car was one of the Walton’s many vehicles. In the back seat the man on the right was my Aunt Dora Falcone’s father Louis Natale. That picture was taken in about 1912. The story I’ve heard is that my grandfather was one of, if not the first man to drive a car in Wayne. Thanks for the memory. Regards, Lou Pullo