Craig Mawr Before IAC Construction, ca. 1959


Object ID#    2011.SWT.069                

Object Name     Photograph



Black and white photo of a 3 story house which was demolished in 1959. Apparently it was known as the Sider House, but after its demolition it became the Italian American Club building. In the picture, it appears that oossibly demolition has begun. Some men are standing in a doorway. No windows appear to be in place with glass.

A newspaper clipping is pasted on the rear of the photo. Two pictures are on it -- one with the picture 2011.SWT.069 and the other, the new building. Captions read: “Wayne, PA., Thursday, July 14, 1960 Section A / Pictured above are two views of he Society Italian-American club of / Wayne, showing the complete transformation of the building since early in 1959. / The old building, at left, is shown during demolition. The new building (right) / will be feted this Saturday evening at the first event to be held in new structure. “ Handwritten on the rear: “Hold / for / Historical / value / Italian-American Club / Wayne / 1959 / before demolishing / & rebuilding.” “Sider House, / demoliished / in 1959 for / the Italian / American / Club / Conestoga Rd. / Italian- / American / Club”