Object ID#    2006.010.012                

Object Name     Copy Print



Close-up photograph of the front of the home at Woodlea. Awnings hang over the downstairs front windows.

Handwritten on the rear: "E37522 / 13/1/8 / BK / 054." Stamped or printed on the rear: "The Art Institute of Chicago / Chicago, Illinois 60603-6110 / Architect Hazelhurst & Huckel / Title Residence for Mr. Wood, Wayne, Pa. / Publication Inland Architect and News / Record Vol. 40, No. 3 October 1902 / Due to non-exclusivity, the above mentioned / image must be credited to the published work in / public domain, with the following words used in / connection with the publication of this / photograph: / Courtesy of / the Art Institute of Chicago." For more information about this house, see the notes for 2006.010.011. Datasheet follows: "Location Code RDW-01 / Estate Name 'Woodlea' / Street Lancaster Avenue / Village or Town Wayne / Original Owner William Wood." "Plot Size 7 ac Source Smith Date 1900 / Original Architect Hazelhurst & Huckel / Date 1897." There are 2 photographs. Now Wayne Nursing Facility