Lawn at Weltvreden


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Object ID#    2011.001.001a                

Object Name     Photograph



Old black and white photo of a large home in the background with at least 5 chimneys and gingerbread trim on the many areas. A large expanse of lawn is in front of it with two couples standing around -- women wearing long dresses of the period and men in suits with has on their heads.

Handwritten on the rear: “Weltverten / Radnor / 1906?” Information on the Main Line Estate Datasheet: "Location Code RDD-04 / Estate Name 'Weltvreten' / Street Belrose Lane / Village or Town St. Davids / Original Owner Edward A. Schmidt b. 1863 m. Emma B. Poth Source Mueller 1913 pbt 24 Source Bromley pbt 24 1926 / Owner's Profession C. Schmidt Brewing Co. Pres 1902 -- Franklin 1937 plt 83 Franklin 1947 plt 19," Plot Size 14 acr. Source Smith Date 1900 20 acs. Source Mueller Date 1913/1926 / Original Architect John T. Windrim / Date 1904 Source SWT / Status: Demollished / Notes/Comments: Frederick W. Schmidt's 'Juniper Hall' / across Belrose La (12 acs)."