The Garth


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Photo of the front of the property known as the Garth. A small porch with pillars and a roof marks the entrance to the house. The entranceway to the property is by two wooden steps leading to a flag stone wall/ step. One then walks forward through a wooden gate under a roof. Behind and to the left of this entryway is a spiral staircase leading to a platform on the level of the roof over the entryway. A hedge extends across the front of the property to the left of the entryway. There are bushes of flowers behind this hedge before one gets to the doorway of the home.

The following information is found on the Main Line Estate Datasheet: "Location Code TDF-03 / Estate Name 'The Garth' / Street Lancaster Turnpike / Village or Town Strafford (Radnor Twp.) / Subsequent Owner(s) Ernest Zantzinger." "Plot Size 8 acr Source Smith Date 1900 / Alts./Adns Architect-Date Wilson Eyre -- 1898 Source T&M / Status: Demolished."