Album: Louella – Home of J. Henry Askin

This album of photographs by Frederick Gutekunst, likely commissioned by J. Henry Askin, documents Askin’s home ‘Louella House’ and its surroundings. Askin was a real estate magnate who started development in the area that would become Wayne. Included are views of farm buildings, views of Louella House from various angles (before any additions), and a doctored image of the first Wayne train station, depicting the small shed that predated the attached residence that came later.

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Small-Scale Variant

Askin produced a smaller version of the album, presumably after the large album was produced. It contained the same images with the exception of the first plate, which showed the newly-built Wayne Presbyterian Church instead of Wayne Station. It may be the oldest known photograph of the original Presbyterian chapel. The book also contains a fold-out map showing the extent of Askin’s “Louella” project. Below are the contents of the small book that were not repeated from the large album.

Object ID#    AL1                

Object Name     Album

Date     ca. 1870