Four Views: Wayne Garage


Object ID#    2011.SWT.176                

Object Name     Copy print



Old, black and white photo, divided into 4 individual pictures. The first one shows a garage wit two openings or bays. A car is in the left opening and another car is at that side of the building. the second photo has the dr in the left by and another to the right of the building. Written in white on the picture is: “Wayne Garage / Wayne Pa. “ The third picture is of two men by a car and other cars lined up beyond the first car. The fourth picture is an enlarged one of the first.

Part of a newspaper clipping pasted to the rear: “What do you think of these snappy models, circa 1905/ This is the Wayne Garage, owned / by Alan C. Hale, as it was in the early 1900’s. How times have changed! A ‘large ship- / ment’ of cars, about 1910, included eight automobiles.” Handwritten on the label: “Wayne Businesses.”