Postcard: Golf Links, St. Davids



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View of Golf Links at St. Davids, Pa. From "Your Town & My Town," December 10, 1954: "... the view shown is one looking from the eastern boundary of what was until recently the Helms estate, on the southeast corner of Lancaster avenue and St. Davids road. Within the past few years the large Helms house has been demolished to make room for the St. Davids Park Apartments, which now occupy all of the Helms property. "At the time this picture was taken the land on either side of Lancaster avenue, now the Main Line Golf Club, was occupied by the St. Davids Golf Club, now on Radnor road north of Wayne. The white stone house to the left in the picture, which probably dates back to the time of the early Welsh settlers, still looks very much as it always has. ... "To the extreme right, in the distance, several Villanova College buildings are just visible. "But to many who will see this old picture, the fondest memories of all will be stirred by its immediate foreground, which marks the foot of the old golf links hill, the best spot for miles around for sledding, as the youth of many generations can well remember!”

Printed on the front: "Golf Links, St. Davids, Pa." Postcard stamp on the back.