U.S.A. Locomotive, P & R Railway, Philadelphia, 1918

Object ID#    RHS-H-2-068                

Object Name     Negative

Date     March 25, 1918


U.S.A. locomotive 659 in service of P & R Railway, Phila., Pa., March 25, 1918

From Rick Bates: This is an extremely rare photo, the only one we know of in existence that shows one of the USA 2-8-0's in service on the Reading. These engines were built by Baldwin to be sent to France during World War 1, but were first used for about 6 months on the Reading before being sent overseas. The photo location is in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, on the Reading's Richmond Branch, just west of the Ridge Avenue underpass. The building in the background is the C.O. Struse & Sons coal yard.