Morgan’s Corner School, 1888


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Date     1888


Old, black and white photo of 3 rows of children and adults sitting or standing in front of what i assume, is their school. Someone has penciled in names above some of them -- examples: Annie Hughs, Addie Brooke, Maggie ?, A Sch, Julie Neary, and Noah Cotton.

On reverse: "Morgan's Corner School 1888". Stamped on the back: "H. U. Strong / 624 Woodcrest Ave. / Ardmore, Pa." On the front: names of the students written in pencil on the photograph. The "Your Town & My Town" column from November 19, 1954, lists the students as follows: “…the smiling-faced little boy in the exact middle of the front row is the late Colonel Robert L. Montgomery, prominent Philadelphian who lived at 'Ardrossan Farms,' Ithan. On his left is Dave Casey, a retired Pennsylvania Railroad conductor when he died a few years ago. Next to him is W.W. Montgomery, Jr., well known lawyer and older brother of Robert L. Montgomery. On the latter’s Left is Jimmy Geary, who lived at what was once Upton Station, between Radnor and Villanova. "Reading the other way from Bob Montgomery, in the center of the picture on the front row is Charlie Pugh, next to him the late Charlie Fellows and on his right his brother, Walter, who is a physician, living at 2048 North 63d street, in Overbrook, according to Mr. Wolfe. On the extreme left of the second row Mr. Wolfe names the late sheriff of Delaware County, Nathan P. Pechin. On his left are Jerry Casey and Hiram Pugh. Standing at the extreme left of the back row is the late Matt Wolfe, with his brother, Charlie, the second on the left. “'The teacher,' Howard Wolfe writes, 'if it is the teacher with the buttons on her dress (back row), I do not recognize. Ellen Buzby should have been the teacher at that time, so I guess ‘Miss Buttons’ might have been one of the seven girl scholars.' On her left is Agnes Neary, whose father operated one of the Martha Brown farms, later St. Davids Golf Club. Fourth from the right, back row, is Lily Schreiber. "Continuing his identification in a more general way, Mr. Wolfe writes, “There should be a Torpey or two in the picture (another Martha Brown farm family). And I am pretty sure the good looking boy on Charlie Wolfe’s left is Will Hinkle, and the equally good looking lad on the right of Hiram Pugh in the center ought to be Fred Schreiber…” Additional names were added the following week, November 26, 1954: "Mrs. Louis Goebel, of Berwyn, telephoned your columnist that she can identify five pupils in the picture of Radnor School No. 4 in addition to those named by Mr. Yocum. These include her brother and herself, Norman and Helen Famous, also Lane Cox, Kate Quigley and Laura Noblett.”