The Historical Society has many exciting projects underway, but we cannot achieve them without the help of volunteers. Please read the list below, and let us know if you would like to help, by by contacting us. Also let us know if there is a project you think the Historical Society should be involved in.

The Finley House is open to the public from 2-4pm Tuesday and Saturday. The Historical Society needs house sitters to give tours and supervise visitors during this time. House sitters typically work just 2 hours per month. 

Fundraising and Corporate Sponsorship
We need help fundraising and finding corporate sponsors for the Historical Society. We would appreciate help from anyone with experience in this area. 

Photographic Inventory of Radnor Township
The Radnor Historical Society owes most of its archive to photographers who documented Radnor Township over the past 150 years. Just as photographers had in the past, we need to document the Radnor of today. As part of a forthcoming Historic Asset Inventory, and also for the Historical Society’s records, we need volunteers to photograph the buildings of Radnor Township. 

Cataloging and Conserving Our Costume and Textile Collection
Among the Radnor Historical Society’s many collections includes our historic costumes and textiles. We need help conserving and cataloging this collection. 

Oral Histories
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Radnor Library conducted oral history interviews of older Radnor residents. These are fascinating pieces of history, containing information that could easily have been lost. We need volunteers to conduct oral history interviews of today’s older generations, to make sure that their stories of life in Radnor are not lost.