Early Radnor: The Stories Behind Our Photographic Past – Presented by Phil Graham

Date: September 17, 2019

The new and permanent photo display in Radnor Memorial Library’s Winsor Room shows just a few of the thousands of local images preserved by Radnor Historical Society and its partners. RML Board Members selected favorites from the archive that would best represent the history and development of Radnor Township. Former Radnor Historical Society board member Phil Graham restored them from their faded and damaged state, meticulously enhancing hidden areas that had to be coaxed from the shadows. In the process, he collated the story behind each vintage photograph, unearthing fascinating anecdotes that will explain their historical significance. Graham’s presentation illustrates the process of magnifying clues often hidden in plain sight, relating some of the stories in a way that remind us how much Radnor has changed in the last 150 years.