Radnor Story #9: Memories from Dr. Huggler

Dr. Huggler was our veterinarian on Lancaster Avenue about 40 years ago and he loved to tell stories about his youth.  Here are the two I remember.

“When I was a student at Penn State (around the mid-1920’s)  big lorries would bring supplies to the campus.  At Christmas break the guys would pile into the open backs of the trucks to hitch a ride back home.  Everyone was freezing but the coldest ones were the guys who didn’t get to the lorries fast enough and had to hold onto the  outside of truck’s slats.  I personally held on with my fingers and toes from Penn State to Wayne!”

“When I was young the streets weren’t kept clear of ice like they are today. The ice would get so thick some winters that we used to ice skate down the middle of the street.  We would skate down Lancaster Ave. to Montgomery Ave. and from there to what is now City Ave.!”

Contributed by Lauren Tierney