Web Updates: Video and Vintage Articles

Two major updates have just been made to the Radnor Historical Society website which will enhance the online research capabilities of anyone visiting our website.

• One of the Historical Society’s long-term projects has been to digitize the entire catalog of Emma C. Patterson “Your Town and My Town” articles. These articles appeared weekly in the Suburban & Wayne Times from 1949 through 1958. We are pleased to announce that all articles from the beginning of the series through April 1952 are now archived on our site (151 articles). You can read them here. They are organized by date, and are all searchable.

Say you want to find articles about the Wayne Opera House: simply type “Wayne Opera House” into the search box on the upper right of the “Your Town and My Town” page and all articles relating to that building will be shown.

We are continuing to digitize the articles, and all articles from the 9-year run will eventually be online.

• Videos of some of our programs are now in an easy to use Vimeo format. They play quickly and can be scrolled through easily. To view them, please visit the Podcasts page.