St. David’s Church in 1891, Geo. Schultz photos at home at 211 Walnut Ave., The Bicycle Club of Wayne

43_image01Again this week we are presenting pictures from an old album belonging to George W. Schultz. All of these pictures were taken in the late 80’s or early 90’s by Mr. Schultz himself.

This picture of old St. David’s Church, looking much as it does today, was taken in 1891. It recalls to Mr. Schultz’s sister, Mrs. Louis D. Peterson, the various picnics that the young people of that period held there. Several were given in connection with church fairs, she tells us, and when I asked her if they were like the [ ] fairs that old St. David’s has these days, her answer is that most of the wares that went on sale were along the food line.

With no automobiles to whisk the picknickers to their destination, it was much more of a trip to the church than it is now. The picnickers arrived by buggy or buckboard, some by the 1890 version of the “station wagon”, others by bicycle. Once there, they roamed around among the old tombstones, and even went into the dark, spooky mausoleums.


Some of the equipages that took the young people on their picnics were of the type shown in the above picture, the so-called “dog-cart”, that was so popular at the turn of the century. This was distinguished from some of the other vehicles of the period in that it was very light and had two transverse seats, back-to-back. An interesting part of this picture is the lantern attached to the side of the car for night driving.

The four young people who appear to be out for a leisurely afternoon’s drive have been identified by Mrs. Peterson as Charles Harbert in the driver’s seat with his sister, Miss Helen Harbert, beside him. Another sister, Miss Maud Harbert, is on the back seat beside Mrs. Peterson (then Miss Gertrude Schultz), who is carefully protecting herself from the sun’s rays with a parasol.

George H. Schultz, who was taking the picture, evidently stood in front of his family home, now numbered 211 Walnut avenue, as the house shown so clearly in the background of the picture is the one directly opposite it, at present occupied by the new superintendent of schools., H.K. Idleman and his family. Next door to it on the right was the old Harbert homestead, now occupied by the McGinley family.


This picture, taken in 1890, shows still another means of “getting places” by one of the forerunners of the modern bicycle. This was one of the types of “safety” bicycles which followed the “Ordinary”, as the bicycles with the high front wheel were called. Bicycles like the one in this picture were those owned by members of the once popular “Bicycle Club” of Wayne, which was described at some length in this column several years ago, from data furnished your columnist by Mr. Schultz.

Those in the picture are: Back row (left to right), Olney Croasdale, William Schultz, William Pinkerton and Mrs. Frank Farrell. Front row (left to right), George Schultz, Emily Sayen, Gertrude Schultz, a young visitor (name now forgotten) and Mary Farrell.