The Alley Door

As they make their way to “The Alley Door”, that newest of the Neighborhoord League Shops, visitors and customers have a nostalgic feeling of half-remembered other small shops in Old World settings. With its fresh paint and shining windows, this tiny place has an air of quaintness in its picturesque setting at the end of the alleyway running to the east of 191 East Lancaster avenue.

62-image01Hours of hard work created this charming little shop out of a once dingy basement room. Exterior brick walls have been painted gray with old rose trim. On the wall at the top of the two steps that lead downward to the door itself, is an attractive, oval-shaped wooden sign, advertising the fact that this is “The Alley Door”, and that “clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac” are sold there. Several small wooden casks, also painted in old rose and planted with trailing ivy, add a touch of freshness.

In the well-lighted room which constitutes the interior of the shop, vases of pussy willows set a springtime note. Walls are in a soft beige tone which make a pleasant background for several cabinets of various kinds. Behind the glass door of one are pieces of costume jewelry. Other cabinets and shelves hold such things as candlesticks, plates, vases, lamp shades, bric-a-brac and even a radio, and these articles are but a forerunner of what will come in from time to time.

Just to the right of the door as one enters is an alcove, containing racks well stocked with dresses of various sizes and kinds. Also on display are coats, sports jackets, blouses, shoes and other articles of wearing apparel. And these clothes, too, are only the beginning of large stocks that will be replenished day by day by interested patrons of this new shop.

“Come in with a gift – go out with a bargain” is the slogan for The Alley Door, an invitation for everyone to participate, both in donating and in buying. For, unlike its sister shops, The Commission Shop, The Children’s Shop and The Neighborhood League Shop, which sell on consignment, The Alley Door accepts for sale only such articles as are donated to it. This follows the original plan of the first small Neighborhood League Shop, established on North Wayne avenue 26 years ago. Like its sister shops, all profits go to the work of the Neighborhood League in the maintenance of the community services of that organization.

An informal “open house” was given at The Alley Door on Tuesday of last week for board members and the staffs of the other shops, and on Tuesday of this week, the Shop opened to the public for business. Hours are from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., Monday through Friday of each week, with volunteer saleswomen on duty. Donations are greatly appreciated by those in charge. Pick-up service for donations will be provided when needed if a telephone call is made to Wayne 0312.

Remember to “come in with a gift and go out with a bargain.”