Tea Room of the Woman’s Exchange and Alley Door

65_image01The attractive Tea Room of the Woman’s Exchange, which is located directly over the Exchange at 185 East Lancaster avenue, was opened by the Neighborhood League in 1945. Here luncheon is served each Monday through Friday from 11:30 A.M. to 2 P.M. A new feature recently added is the Friday Fashion Show, which is put on each week through the courtesy of Fanslow’s Corner Shop.


The two women whose enthusiasm, backed by hard work, was largely responsible for the organization of the newest in the series of the Neighborhood League Shops, are shown in the above picture as they stand at the doorway of this quaint little place and look at the new sign which advertises the successful culmination of their efforts. They are Mrs. A.V. Purinton (left), and Mrs. F. Warren Marshall.

65_image03Credit should go to Mrs. D.L. Trouant, pictured above, chairman of all the Neighborhood League shops, to which your columnist has been devoting her recent columns.

Mrs. Trouant went into office last September for a term of two years, succeeding Mrs. E. Mortimer Newlin. With her and the vice-chairman, Mrs. Kilshaw M. Irwin, rests the responsibility for the coordination of the work of all the shops.

With today’s pictures this series comes to a close in “Your Town and My Town.” It has been the story of 27 continuous years of effort on the part of many women, who have worked earnestly to aid Wayne’s own social service agency, The Neighborhood League.

Without the profits from these shops it would have been impossible to maintain the League’s high standard of service as they were established in simple fashion 40 years ago, services that have increased steadily with the increasing demands of an ever-growing community.

(Photos by Ansley)