Poplar, Windermere, Aberdeen Avenues, St. Davids Road at Pembroke Avenue

From a collection of old postcards gathered from several sources your columnist has selected four, with the thought that her readers might be interested in seeing how various familiar corners of Wayne looked some years ago. Although there is no date noted on any of these cards, except the Poplar avenue one, it would be fairly accurate to say that all of them are more than 40 years old. The Poplar avenue card is postmarked “Wayne, Pa., May 4, 1909.”

02_image02The pictures of Windermere avenue and of Aberdeen avenue have been lent by members of the Roberts family who came to live in Wayne in 1900. In that year Dr. William Henry Roberts, who was Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States for 36 years, settled in Wayne with his family in one of the Wayne Estate houses on Windermere avenue. The home, which is still occupied by several members of his family, is one of those that is just barely visible on the left hand side of the street in the picture.

02_image03Both of these pictures were taken from the intersection of Windermere avenue and South Aberdeen avenue, the first one looking west along Windermere avenue and the second looking south along Aberdeen avenue with Upland way taking off to the right. Although the houses are all little changed from then to the present time, the general appearance of the streets is quite different due to the growth of trees and hedges.

02_image04This third picture, which is from the Wack collection, is taken from the corner just a block east of the corner from which the first two were taken. For some now obscure reason, Windermere avenue as it goes east becomes St. Davids road after it passes Aberdeen avenue.

This picture, looking east along St.Davids road from Pembroke avenue, shows the houses looking again then very much as they do today. The southeast corner was evidently a vacant lot at the time indicating that the homes later built and occupied by George W. Pepper, Jr., and Sheldon Catlin had not yet been constructed.

02_image01This picture of Poplar avenue is one looking west from its intersection with Radnor road. The old John P. Wood homestead, the grounds of which went from Walnut avenue to Poplar avenue on Radnor road, is just out of sight in the right hand corner of the picture. And although this picture was taken at least 45 years ago, the street still looks very much the same except that the stretch of vacant land on the left hand side of Poplar avenue is now occupied by houses.